Seniors Programs

We provide various programs, education events and support that focus on issues facing seniors.

Our goal is to help seniors maintain independence, maximize and manage current health to live well, stay healthy and achieve overall quality of life.

We provide support, encouragement, programs and education opportunities:

• for regular social and recreation activities as a way to decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation, improve your mental health and keep you active and healthy.
• to help navigate our healthcare system;
• provide links to care and services (such as nutrition services, mental health services, physiotherapy services, home care services, transportation, social and recreation programs) that you may need to improve your health or quality of life.

For more information or to participate in one of our Seniors Programs or events please call (306)953-6207.

Registration into one of the programs starts with an appointment with a community health worker. A few days prior to your scheduled appointment, you will receive a telephone call from us reminding you about your appointment. During your one hour initial appointment, you will be asked a series of questions that will help us get to know you and together we can identify your healthcare needs.

For a list of current programs and events please visit our online calendar of events.