Co-operative Health Centre Scholarships

The Co-operative Health Centre is now accepting applications for two scholarships that are available to students that are pursuing a health field career.

The scholarships are aimed at healthcare students who have achieved passing grades and demonstrated volunteer activity with Prince Albert and/or surrounding communities.


To be able to qualify for a Co-operative Health Centre Educational Scholarship, candidates must:

Be enrolled in at least the second year of a recognized and accredited post secondary health care educational program

Have been a resident of Prince Albert & district, for at least one (1) year and a member of the CHC

Demonstrated a significant contribution to the community of Prince Albert & district or have identified similar voluntary performances

To apply for the Co-operative Health Centre Educational Scholarship, interested candidates must apply no later than October 31st of the year for which they are applying and provide the following:

A transcript providing first year academic performance from their educational institution as identified in Eligibility (a)

Documentation to verify current enrolment in their second year of studies

An application letter (no more than 250 words) indicating their rationale for choice of education and their involvement of voluntary work at the Prince Albert community or sports level

Their membership status with the Co-operative Health Centre

Applications can be submitted:

By Mail:

Co-operative Health Centre

110 – 8th Street East,

Prince Albert, SK S6V 0V7

In Person: Drop off at Main Reception – Cooperative Health Centre

Attention: Executive Director


Notification of the successful applicant will be informed no later than the end of December of the current year.