Co-operative Health Centre Recovery Program

The program is led by Methadone and Suboxone Prescribing Physicians that diagnose and treat clients who have an opiate addiction.  There is three, full-time addiction counselors (Coordinators) who work closely with the physicians and clients to support them while they are in the program. The Coordinators provide the following supports:

• Coordinate with pharmacists, prescribers, other case managers
• Education
• Intervention/referrals in social and legal matters
• Case Management
• Counselling and Skill Development
• Advocacy
• Liaise with other health and social services
• Support in filling out forms and applications and by providing referral letters.
• Referrals to detox, in-patient treatment centers, outpatient treatment centers and to counselors who deal with specialized addictions such as gambling, food, etc.

 What to Expect

Access to the program does not require a physician referral although space is limited.  The program is located on the lower level of the health centre.

If you want to be in the program please stop in the office or contact the Medical Office Assistant at (306) 953-6241 who will book a screening appointment for you with a Coordinator.

The screening appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. After the screening appointment you will have an ECG test, which is in the Nursing Department.  The ECG is a 15 minute procedure.  Following your ECG you will then see a Prescribing Physician who will speak with you about your treatment options and the expectations of the program.

Depending upon your planned care, follow-up appointments with your coordinator and prescribing physician are made in advance by the Medical Office Assistant.