Nursing Services

The Nursing and Minor Surgery Department provides a variety of services performed by Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses and include outpatient surgical, diagnostic and treatment services.  Nursing staff are trained to provide foot care, dressing changes, IV infusions, injections, immunizations, blood transfusions and client education, screening and assessment.  Nursing staff assist with endoscopic and minor surgical procedures.

With the exception of foot care and flu vaccinations all procedures require a physician/NP orders.

Services are available Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 pm.

For information or to make an appointment contact lower level reception at 306-953-6277

IV Therapy Services – Intravenous treatments are ordered by your physician or specialist and administered using SMART IV pumps.  Infusions can be given using a vein or accessing a PORT or PICC line.  Medications given include Remicade, Simponi, IVIG, Blood transfusions, some antibiotics, IV fluids, and Iron Sucrose.  Six semi-private bays with comfortable chairs are available.  Some IV infusions can take a full day.  Due to confidentiality, patients may not bring in family to sit with them during their procedure.

Endoscopy – Endoscopies are pre-booked by your surgeon for a scope to review the upper or lower gastrointestinal areas to check for abnormalities.  A prescribed laxative prep is ordered for colonoscopies and all instructions are provided by the surgeon’s office.  For gastroscopies, patients will be asked to not eat or drink anything the previous night for their procedure

Certain endoscopy procedures require sedation so you will need to have someone with you to drive you home after the procedure. Please refer to you preparation instruction from the surgeon. If you do not have someone available to drive you home after sedation we will be unable to perform the procedure.

Immunizations/Injections – Immunizations are required for certain conditions, workplace requirements, travel and seasonal influenza/pneumonia vaccines.  A physicians/NP order is required and by appointment.   You can bring in the medication yourself or have it sent ahead of time by the pharmacy.  Patients are given their immunization but are then expected to stay for observation for at least 15 minutes to monitor for an anaphylaxis reaction.

Flu vaccines and pneumonia vaccines are provided by the Health Centre and do not require an order.

Foot care – All appointments are an average of 30 minutes. The first appointment involves a foot health assessment by a nurse who will assess your feet and your ability to care for your own nails.  They will discuss signs or symptoms you should be aware of in managing your foot health.

Medical foot care appointments are:

• $35 for non-members;
• $30 for members; and
• no charge for diabetic patients.

Dressing Changes – Dressing changes are available by appointment and as ordered by your physician.

The health centre provides a variety of education, health promotion and assessment and screening events on a regular basis. For information on current and upcoming opportunities please visit our calendar of events.