Member Feedback Form

Although we do our best, there is always room for
improvement or sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

There are several ways you can make a comment or raise a concern:

All comments or concerns are documented and reviewed by
the Director/Manager of the provider or service area and the Executive Director for follow-up and improvement.

• Verbally advise your provider who will document your concern or provide you with a client comment report form and forward to the designated manager.
• Request a client comment report form from anyone working at the health centre and mail ¡n or leave with
• Call (306) 763-6464 and ask to speak to a manager or the Executive Director.
• Visit our website at
• Write a letter and mail or leave with reception.
• Participate in client surveys and evaluation forms.

Your comments are important to us and contribute to meeting your needs, quality care, services and a safe environment.