Become a member

As a member of the Co-operative Health Centre, you have the opportunity to participate in the policy and decision-making process of the organization. We welcome your comments and participation, not only at our yearly Annual General Meeting, but also anytime throughout the year.

When you join, you pay a lifetime membership fee of $5.00.

This entitles you to:

• vote at any general or special meeting of the Association,
• seek election to the Board of Directors,
• participate on committees, and
• support the concept of co-operative health centres.
• and one year discount on chargeable services and equipment rental

After the first year to maintain discounts on chargeable services
and equipment rental an annual assessment notice will be mailed to you. Assessed membership helps to cover programs and services not covered by Medicare. Assessment fee is $10.00 per year.

Please do not hesitate to call the Health Centre at 306-763-6464 if you have any concerns or comments.

You do not have to BE A MEMBER to use any of the services at the Cooperative Health Centre Community Clinic.